This is about diet and weight loss

And I am on my phone so I can’t do a read more!!! Sorry!!!

In the past year, I have gained about 15 pounds thanks to my job at a fast food place and my little will power, but since Monday I’ve cut out most sugars, all pop, and I didn’t have any fried foods or red meats and I’ve already lost four pounds!!! I just have to learn to snack on better things than ice cream because that’s obviously been working. especially since I cut my hair I really noticed my weight gain and just decided that I want to be better about diet and stuff. I did have a cookie today though. And it was delicious, I will probably have another.



for the love of god can everyone just stop telling people who are scared of spiders, from mildly afraid to arachnophobic like myself, that THEY’RE MORE AFRAID OF YOU THAN YOU ARE OF THEM because like honestly you seriously think your rational interjection is the answer to an irrational issue

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